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     Their upholstery cleaning was up to scratch and their pricing was too. All in all, it was a great service from DollisHillCarpetCleaners.
Dale J19/05/2020
     My sister came for a week visit with her two toddlers, my niece and nephew. I absolutely adore them but they can be a bit of a handful. They are also very talented at making a mess. I hired Carpet Cleaning Companies Dollis Hill to clean my flat after the visit. The place looks great. I would use them again.
Madeline V.20/09/2019
     I desperately needed a house cleaning service. A lot of the ones I was looking at were far too pricy. Luckily, I did my homework and came across DollisHillCarpetCleaners. When I called their team and heard about what they had to say, I quickly realised that they were just perfect, they were the company for me. When the team came around, they didn't disappoint. They delivered a first-class service and thanks to them my home is now sparkling clean.
Damian S.18/04/2019
     You'll be amazed by the results a good carpet cleaning company can achieve. I know I was. It'd been a while since I'd had a good attempt at renewing the carpets and they were a bit beyond their best. I was about to change them for a new set, but a friend told me about Carpet Cleaning Service Dollis Hill and said to just give them a call. Great decision. They've been round, got rid of the stains, returned a lot of life to the carpets and now I'm happier than ever. Really great service.
Steve T.05/11/2015
     My windows had slowly become dirty over time and because I'd ignored them, they were covered in dirt and dust. Not wanting to suffer this any longer, I called up DollisHillCarpetCleaners. Their expert services allowed me to book their staff to do the job. A couple of cleaners came and saw to every window in my home, washing and wiping until they were spotless. I'd forgotten what seeing through my windows was like, but everything was restored thanks to them.
Douglas J.18/12/2014
     I always call DollisHillCarpetCleaners for any home cleaning I may need. I hired them a few years back when I was in need of a professional home cleaning company. They have since provided continued excellent service for my home cleaning needs. Their cleaning professionals are knowledgeable and friendly. I trust them to come in each week and clean all rooms of my home. They are diligent and most importantly, their prices are affordable. I couldn't be happier with their service and highly recommend them. They can handle any cleaning task, whether big or small.
Brooke R.18/02/2014

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